Crêpe de Chine


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The price is per 0.5 m meter



A noble flowing silk crepe. Easily drapable fabric. Very suitable for summer fashion dress, blouse or for high-quality decoration. High quality silk from Italy

95% SE, 5% EL

The price is per 0.5 meter across the entire width of the fabric.

We always deliver coherently.

(E.g. you buy 3 x 0.5 m of fabric, you get 1.5 m of fabric in one piece)

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Crepe (from French la crêpe) is a fabric with a frizzy, grainy surface. It arises from the irregular interweaving of the thread during weaving or from the use of heavily twisted yarns that curl up during washing and finishing

Due to the representation on the screen, the actual colors of the fabrics may differ slightly from the illustration.

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95% SE, 5% EL
140 CM
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